I love photographs. Honestly. My favorite part is picking up an album, sometime years later, and enjoying those moments in time that I thought I would never forget. Somehow, the years fade the details I hold so dear. But photographs… they pick up where my memory leaves off. This is the feeling I hope to give to each of my clients through my work.

My home office is in the heart of historic Fort Worth, and I love capturing families, children, & high school seniors in our beloved city.


  • I have 3 young children, all three named after great men of the Christian faith (Hudson Taylor, Dawson Trotman, and Jim Elliott).
  • I am Sooner Born & Sooner Bred (and when I die, I’ll be Sooner Dead… Rah Oklahoma!)
  • I have a degree in marketing and worked for the BNSF Railway in marketing/e-business for 3 years. I’ve actually ridden a freight train (and sounded the horn!).
  • I am inquisitive. I’d always considered this a positive thing, though I did receive a gag award at the end of a college finance class for “Asking the Most Questions”!
  • 24, Alias, The Office… some of my favorite guilty pleasures!
  • Going to bed before 10 would be early – I’m definitely a night owl. Once the kids are in bed, the real fun (and peaceful quiet) begins.
  • My middle child led me into the world of natural wellness for which I’m now quite passionate. Check out my wellness website!
  • We have 4 chickens & a rooster. They are the greatest thing ever! I had no idea collecting our eggs daily could provide so much family entertainment.
  • I truly have the best husband in the world. He is my support… and really knows how to make me laugh. I couldn’t do life without him.
  • We love going on cruises when it’s time to relax. No cooking, cleaning or making our own beds- what’s not to love?
  • And, most importantly- I love Jesus. I’m thankful that He has saved me and is changing me. And I’m thankful to be a part of the best church in Fort Worth (I might be a little biased).